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RWI de-risks the future with Synthetic Intelligence Environments. We enable innovators to plan and act, with certain and quantifiable answers to the most sophisticated questions about exponential future scenarios.




What We Do

We enable you to see emergent behaviours — RWI works alongside those accountable for mission critical deliveries. Our Synthetic Intelligence Environments provide you insight into any dark corner of your tech, enabling accurate decisions about the future, today.

We reveal your make or break risk — around each innovation, milestone, and increment of scale in your system. You need to know exactly what is going to happen when the real world shows up and we enable you to see that ahead of time.

We provide you strategic certainty — about readiness to execute, flawlessly. When you have the deep insight and answers that we provide you are positioned to make right decisions, move quickly, gain traction, and secure growth.

Unlock ridiculous realism, exponential scale, and limitless data 


4 trillion+

Synthetic hours delivered in 2018

We stepped out of the limitations of digital twinning and historical data, demonstrating for our partners their systems at scale, in the future, under any circumstance they could imagine. We produced emergent experiences that could be designed, measured, understood and optimized — enabling our partners to confidently move years ahead of competition in both innovation and delivery. Our Synthetic Intelligence Environments have validated tech capacity for major M&A deals, de-risked the roll-out of global massive scale live media systems, exposed threat surfaces in IoT tech — running 24/7 to deliver billions of hours of accurate and instructive data. In 2019, our Synthetic City implementation tackled IIoT, infrastructure mitigation, and disaster response during earthquakes in Silicon Valley.


6 months

Time to market accelerated

RWI enabled rapid, robust innovation of an award winning wireless smart home automation system. Our Synthetic Environment hosted experimentation with realistic activity against code, controllers, gateway, cloud, and mobile applications under all types of field conditions (radio frequency noise, household + neighbourhood composition, building construction). This dramatically reduced time to market – even allowing rapid approval during the Apple review process. The Synthetic Environment is used by their executive in the marketplace to distinguish their risk profile and practices from their competitors.



Seamless Growth achieved

We helped America’s largest weigh station bypass system for trucking fleets achieve 1000% growth with no service interruptions and no capacity limitations. Using RWI’s Synthetic Environment, they rearchitected client, device, server and even micro services, to solution their in-vehicle device based system ensuring the delivery of legal, safe, and timely driving instructions. Our Synthetics drove hundreds of thousands of synthetic trucks equipped with their software on real devices and in custom "soft device" emulation, along the highways of America. The Synthetics were also the weigh station operators monitoring the activity and the truckers reacting to the interface while driving the trucks. They maintained capacity and performance at 3-6 months ahead of production.


How It’s Done

We go to extremes to expose and replicate your high value system's reality — Our AI-driven Synthetic edge entities replicate the context and behaviours of any connected system, environment, people, economics, even physics.

We unlock the realism you require for certainty — We incorporate domain expertise, historical, generated or even anticipated data, behavioural research, logical and generative models, and even mirrors of live activity.



We move you beyond the limits of historical data and predictive digital twinning to understand potential opportunities and threats in high value asset operation, management, and integrations. De-risk realistic scenarios to inform planning and design and to remove the restrictions from old models of managing or optimizing your projects..


Know everything before you ship, without being restricted by hardware. Try out hardware claims, platform capability, system security. With RWI you can manipulate radio frequency for wireless devices, or even drive geospatial code around all in live “in silico” systems at any scale. Experiencing the future accelerates advantage.


Go the distance to assure technologies perform as expected, integrate flawlessly, and achieve mission success under any circumstances before launch. Expose affects of an exponential number of uncertain conditions — knowing it all backed by experiential data.


Gain complete certainty about the safety and reliability of smart medical devices and devices deeply integrated into other systems. Address the profound challenges of complex environments by completely surfacing emergent dynamics — unlike any other current technology, processes, or validation tools. Watch any and all of the decisions AI-enabled-tech makes.

smart cities

Explore integrations and emerging smart technologies without jeopardizing your citizens or your infrastructure. Before deployment, model how systems interact dynamically in all conceivable scenarios and ensure operations and information continue to flow seamlessly and securely. Design resilience to any unpredictable event.


Confirm regulatory compliance and validate new technologies quickly with complete transparency before going live. Exercise potential integrations with realistic transactions and cycles, to de-risk innovation adoption and protect all of your stakeholders.



In 2015, RWI started creating Synthetic Environments for INVIDI Canada, a world leader in addressable advertising, delivering over 9 billion ads/month through TV satellite and set top systems. Tackling the challenging European TV market, facing tight revenue partner timelines, and as an acquisition target, INVIDI wanted to ensure their new “All Glass” product was built right the first time. RWI delivered with a proving ground used to re-architect, tune and optimize for performance, demonstrating the capability of this new product in a live, realistic system. 

In 15 months, INVIDI delivered a smooth, live rollout to an initial audience of 1.2 million European viewers without a single test or QA team, unparalleled executive insight into the system in production for year one, and complete confidence going forward in a continuous environment to supply insight into any change at scale before going live.

In January of 2017, INVIDI was acquired by AT&T, WPP and DISH. RWI continues to develop Synthetics for an expanding number of their mission critical projects.

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Your Tomorrow Matters

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

—William Pollard


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We work with leaders who are responsible for delivering innovation critical to the future of their organization. Have RWI take on your impossible and provide your unfair advantage.



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