Our Team

the very real humans who make our Synthetics a reality!


Myrna Bittner - Founder, CEO

Armed with her BA in English, and finishing her MBA, Myrna started her first tech company in 1992, developing a commercial internet groupware product used by NASA and US West for real-time remote communications, followed by co-founding a 3D neural net visualization research company funded by an Australian billionaire. When they told her she couldn’t, she didn’t listen. Myrna passionately lives and promotes the imperative for inclusion, diversity, and representation.


Dean Bittner - Founder, CVO

Dean is an early web pioneer who has hacked his way through thought and market leading ventures in hypermedia clients and authoring, messaging and conferencing, artificial intelligence and visualization, communications and cryptography, medical software and devices, television and advertising, and large-scale enterprise. He is an incurable dreamer, non-conformist, and coding funder and founder.


Xi ZhanG - Synthetic Architect

Xi is a Synthetic Architect at RWI with a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and an penchant for ML. She is passionate about using Synthetic development to solve difficult problems. When she is not at work, she is probably petting a dog or building a master lego empire.

Elia Profile Pic.png

Elia Neishaboori - Synthetic Developer

Elia holds an MSc. in Computer Software Engineering from Polytechnic University of Turin. She brings her experience with Distributed/Web, Database Management, Business Intelligence and Programming along with her passion for learning everything CompSci. When she isn’t perfecting Synthetics, she loves travelling around the world, meeting new people and exploring new cultures.


Rhaea Larson - Business Development & Operations Coordinator

Rhaea holds a B.Mgmt in Business Economics from the University of Alberta. She has a fascination with Smart Cities and how Synthetic development has the ability to provide solutions for urban problems. Rhaea is a people person who loves to meet new people and values spending time with her friends and family. Her interests outside of the office include power lifting, oil painting, reading and exploring new places.


Shasha Zhu - Synthetics & Security

Shasha holds a strong background in information security and cryptography with experience in system engineering, software development/design, and project management. When not creating Synthetics and Synthetic Environments she enjoys orchid hunting, hiking, and working hard at being a great mom!

Jordan Torbiak

Jordan Torbiak - Synthetic Engineer

Jordan is a C.S. Engineering graduate from the University of Alberta. He loves to wrangle text and data, and is delighted when a continually-refined mental model of a complex system is supported by the data. At RWI he develops Synthetic collaborators to exercise software systems, instrumented with metrics that can be monitored, visualized, and analyzed to answer key questions about capacity and behaviour.


Zach Petch - Synthetic Intelligence Developer

Zach holds a B.Sc from the University of British Columbia with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. He's passionate about the correlation between arts and sciences, and loves finding clever solutions to out-of-the-ordinary problems, but there's nothing he enjoys more than spending time with his wife and daughter.


Nick Borle - Synthetic Architect

Nick is a huge Star Trek fan with a pulse on the latest tech developments. He holds a B.Sc Major in Computer Science from UBC and a keen interest in Synthetic development. A self described ‘huge nerd’, he loves to build computers, repair electronics, indulge in Hi-Fi audio, and play video games.


Nooshin Dehghanian - Data Scientist

Nooshin holds a Ph.D. in Particle Physics from the University of Alberta. She became interested in data when she was a researcher at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) working with terabytes of data. She is experienced in data analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, and statistical modelling and she is still learning every day with her growing passion in Data Science field. When she’s not working with data, she enjoys doodling, traveling, or learning a new sport.


Masoud Bigdeli - Synthetic Intelligence Research and Design

Masoud is a Mechanical Engineering MSc graduate from the University of Alberta. He is experienced with modelling complex systems and developing predictions based on data study and research. During his free times, he enjoys exploring nature, following sport news and playing soccer.


Karolina Korzeniewski - Strategy and Business Development Executive

Karolina holds a BSc from the University of Alberta and has worked in the healthcare sector in Canada, New Zealand and Vietnam for over 10 years. She is passionate about providing innovate solutions and building strong relationships. Karolina thrives on translating technical and scientific concepts into business insights and is finishing her MBA at the University of Alberta. In her free time she enjoys trying exotic food, doing yoga, travelling and curling up with a good book.